Chase Bridge School visit England Rugby 2015 Media Centre

On Wednesday 7th October, a number of pupils and staff from Chase Bridge School were given a tour of the England Rugby 2015, Twickenham Venue Media Centre. Pupils were able to visit the Media Lounge and Work Hub Areas that are used by over 400 media on match days before taking part in a mock press conference in the official Media Conference Room.

Here are a few recounts of the visit:

By Constantin – Year 4
“When I found out I would be visiting Twickenham Rugby Stadium I was so excited I couldn’t concentrate at school. I was thinking about it all the time. We set off at 11am. I was jumping and bouncing on the streets and I couldn’t wait to get there. We had little red wristbands instead of passes.

First stop was the Webb Ellis Square. This place got its name from William Webb Ellis, the creator of rugby. In front of me I could see big wooden gates where the tour guide told me that all the players come in. England were a team that didn’t want to go into the stadium on their coach but wanted to enjoy the atmosphere and walk in through the gates. To the left was the media centre where all the journalist come and that was where we were going.

It was a temporary building even though it looked like it should stay there. The first floor was the room where all journalists have their meals. One floor higher was the media centre where the journalist write their reports and stories. We stayed there for a bit and the loveliest thing there was that the chairs were so comfy.

Then on the highest floor was the conference room where the journalists interview players. There were microphones and speakers so everyone could hear the players being interviewed. The tour guide told us we would have a big surprise. The surprise was we got to interview the staff at the stadium. We spoke through microphones, presented ourselves and asked questions. We learnt lots of facts. In the room was also a Lego Webb Ellis cup built by the company themselves.

The best part of this day was when we interviewed and asked questions. I had an excellent day at Twickenham Stadium!”

By Jack – Year 4
“On Wednesday 7th October I went to Twickenham Rugby Stadium. As I entered Webb Ellis Square, the first thing I saw were the big bars which on match days are crowded with fans. When I walked further down to where the giant rugby players march into the main gates of the stadium. I thought the golden lion was very sparkly.

Further down, the huge media centre stood in front of me. I went inside and noticed that everything was blue, green and magenta. In the lounge, where people sit and watch the game if they don’t get tickets to the match, I learnt that the players have mini radios in their ears to listen to the referee. Also, all the photo staff have their own number on their jacket.

When we went into the media conference room, some staff came to tell us some facts about rugby such as the stadium was built on a cabbage patch and that there have been 168 tries scored in the World Cup so far. My favourite fact was that rugby players are always eating! Also I loved the Lego model of the Webb Ellis trophy. Afterwards Bailey and Leah in year 6 went up to the front and we asked them some questions about rugby. Many people are sad about England getting knocked out of the World Cup. I am going to continue supporting Scotland because my Grandpa is Scottish.”

By Jessica and MacKenzie – Year 4

“A group of Junior Children went to the Media Centre to learn what happens behind the scenes of the Rugby World Cup.

First we went into the William Webb Ellis Square where we looked at the Hospitality Suites and then we went into the Media Centre and met some of the staff who worked behind the scenes typing reports for the following day.

Then we participated in a mock interview; we had to interview Bailey and Leah. We asked them if they enjoyed their rugby match last week against the other schools.

Jessica – my favourite part was going through the security gates and showing our wristbands.
Mackenzie- my favourite part was asking the questions in the mock interview.”


Interview with Rob Andrews

Who inspired you to start up rugby?

My schoolteachers when I first went to secondary school.A guy called Mr Clarke was my first ever Rugby coach when I was 11.I hadn’t played rugby before I was 11.I just started and carried on playing through school and after.

How old were you when you thought you wanted to play professional rugby?

That’s a really good question.When I was playing,rugby was an amateur sport.I left university and I worked.Rugby was apart time sport.It was only in 1995, 20 years ago, when rugby went professional.So long before you guys were born.I actually didn’t play professionally – I was an amateur who had anotherjob.When the game went professional Igot involved in coaching and management.I didn’t have the opportunity to play professionally.The game hasn’t been a professional sport forvery long.


By Candy

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